I can’t say I relate to your problems because I probably don’t. Yes, your responsibilities have increased over the years. Yes, your work atmosphere isn’t as fun as the theme park you were expecting it to be. Yes, your relationship takes a toll on you and makes you wonder why you voluntarily signed up such madness. But I guess the solution to most problems leads to balance. Maybe try balance the bad stuff with good stuff. Go out somewhere alone. Switch off your phone. Maybe a concert. Or a spa. Or trekking. Or a walk. Spoil yourself. Sit for five extra minutes on a bench with coffee and hang out with yourself. Get to know yourself. Pause, introspect, breathe a lot. Think of things you want to take up in your free time. It’s the only time that matters. Read books, they’re therapeutic. Drown yourself in good music. Make playlists for dealing with bad times. Make playlists for dealing with good times. Keep your friends close. Keep yourself closer. Your youth will fade, so try and stay fit. Skip, run, do a few push ups. Dip your feet in warm water and sea salt while helping yourself to a Magnum. Grab a thick blanket. Binge watch TV shows. Call up old friends once in a while. Write a journal. Make a list of goals you want to achieve over the next year, apart from your work. Strive in making sure those goals work out. Spend time with family. And lemon tea. Try finding companions who lift you up. Cut out burdens and losses. Forgive others. Most importantly, find something to live for. Every shitty day will be delight to wake up to..