Tingles ricocheted and my skin lightened up like a thousand lit torches. Breath collapsed with each suck. She couldn’t resist no longer. I could feel her jaunty toe climbing up there. The underlying fear to approach her came through my posture, independent of my words. “Each woman is different and respond to different things” uttered my closed lips. And then she looked into me, narrowing to half mast, seemingly unchaining her wild delicious feelings. Those eyes slid shut in ecstasy while exploring the texture to my very being. Nearly maddened, I pushed her. Her back stood up, and her bones they were bare. Hypnotic feminine of her flawless skin radiated heat and power. Ravaging. Sliding thrust with a French rhapsody. She smelled of Jasmine and sex. Tampering with her sanity I nibbled her ears. Ragged breathing as I let go off my reckless savage lust..