He gave me wings and he gave me ground,
He gave me the happiness that’s so rare to be found.
There was a time when I held onto him,
Stronger than a rope, fragile as a string,
He held me closer, even closer than he could bring.
His breath breathed life in me,
Through the chaos that ripped me apart,
Loving me to the last bit,
Like the bond that can never be questioned.
The kisses felt like the angels,
The arms that wrapped around, felt like the warmth in the cold,
The whispers in the ears felt more harmonious than the wedding bells.
The moment when I wake up to see him sleeping,
Is the moment that I could hold the world in my hand,
Is the moment it falls silent behind me.
It’s not lust, it’s not an urge,
It’s happiness, it’s contentment,
It’s the silent promise that our worlds have merged,
And it will remain that way. It will remain entwined.