She let love swing her up and above, down and below,
Holding up a sacred promise to herself,
She is not a quitter. She gazed at his picture,
As his occasional outbursts annoyed her.
She breathed in and she breathed out,
She let everything come to her,
Then well-crafted it, and gave back only that loved more.
She woke up with a jolt in the middle of the night,
Only to find an empty screen light up,
Displaying the hour at which nothing else mattered.
Later in the day, when her work piled up, she burst into a little giggle,
That’s when the screen lit up again,
This time, only to say that I want to come to you.
She clearly didn’t need the stars, didn’t need the company,
All she awaited was the warmth of his naked, body against hers
After they passionately rock the bed under the sheets.
She wanted to experience the magical kisses, the extraordinary love,
Love, which reached out to her deeper than the roots, higher than the galaxies
And purer than He himself.