Happymess Concept

We had gone on a long drive in their car, in the quiet of the afternoon, the sun shining bright, the long stretch of the road we seemed to enjoy stretched a long way ahead of us. It wasn’t long before we stopped to relish our favourite drink, the sugarcane juice or rather the ‘ganne ka ras’.

It became a necessity every time I picked up mom after her school, a glass or two, every time I met Amit, going out for ganne ka ras was, indeed, one of the priorities. It was like the unsaid companion we…………….

In Gurgaon, you always had to travel to get the juice that was available only during a few seasons. Amit, in the meanwhile, got a yearlong supply, of course I’d be jealous.

With healthy juices galore in the market, we figured that this was something that maybe you could find only if you really wanted to find it. Pretty much a side story. But for us, it was a star in itself, the potential of which was unparalleled.

Amit and I, ourselves, had little idea of how much value the sugarcane can provide. From strengthening your liver (a remedy for jaundice), low glycaemic index that makes it the perfect juice for the diabetics, safer pregnancy to combating breast and prostate cancer, sugarcane juice has the qualities only few would have imagined.

We believe that bringing to you a product that we are passionate about will make it a worthwhile journey for you as well as us. It has never been a happier mess for us, working our way into the product, reaching out to farmers for supply, women who we wish to employ and empower in our journey.